Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fireside Popsicles + Writing Updates


So, it's been 10 days since FIRESIDE POPSICLES came out. This book is a wonderful anthology of short stories, featuring names like Bradley Sands, Gabino Iglesias, M.C. O'Neil, Sheila Hall, Andy de Fonseca, Daniel Vlasaty, Michael Allen Rose, Max Booth III, Jeremy Maddux, Jeremy C. Shipp, Mercedes M. Yardley, Rick Austin, Douglas Hackle, and more.

Yeah, it's a lot of juice in one bottle.

You can buy the book by clicking HERE.

I can't say how honored I am to be a part of this, and for the first time ever seeing my name on an actual published work.

Now, for the updates:

My grandma is sick. She's sick, and everyone at my house (we live all together, me, the missus, my parents and my grandparents on my father's side) is nervous, and tense, and the mood is awful. And my writing has suffered from this.

I got to say, I'm scared. Death is natural, but it is never pleasant.

So, things were moving slowly, but now I'm picking up the pace. My future projects include:

- A yet unnamed book about a grown up Anne Frank killing Nazi war criminals. I'm writing this for the wonderful Jordan Krall at Dynatox Ministries. The man is a real sweetheart, despite his grouchy exterior, and I love him.

- THE MICHAEL BAY, a idea that started as a joke after watching the movie THE BAY on Jeremy C. Shipp's Halloween Movie Club. I told Raye Roeske I would write it, and now Kevin Strange at StrangehouseBooks gave me a chance to do it. It's a parody of the aforementioned THE BAY, but with Michael Bay clones instead of  a deadly parasite.

Same thing, right?

So I just want to finish this up by saying how much I love the Bizarro comunity. These people can make a guy from a country a continent away feel right at home. I love you guys.