Friday, October 23, 2015

I'm a New Bizarro Author! (and I'm going to Bizarro Con)

Since the last time I blogged, this happened:

I am now an official New Bizarro Author!

Mid to late August, I was approached by author and editor Garrett Cook. He informed me that he had recently accepted the position of editor for the New Bizarro Author Series (Eraserhead Press' imprint that gives new authors in the Bizarro Fiction genre a chance to prove themselves as writers), and he offered me a chance to finally write my first book.
We threw some pitches around, and he liked Benjamin - although the original pitch was somewhat different (and definitely worse) than the finished product.
He created a Facebook group for all of the authors to work together. We pumped each other (wow, that sounded naughty) up, keep each other working. Every day there was a new "So, how is everyone doing" thread. We became friends and colleagues.
And I typed away, aiming for a mid September deadline. I wrote and I wrote, and I was able to get 20,000 words down on paper for his appreciation.
He liked it.
So, the hard work is all behind me, yes?
Now it's when things get interesting: I (and all of the wonderful authors with whom I worked it) will have to work even harder to promote and sell my book, to generate interest.
I want to thank Garrett, for the invite, plus Rose O'Keefe (Eraserhead Press' editor-in-chief) and Jeff Burk (author, editor) for all they have done to help me and my fellow New Bizarro Authors.
And I want to thank the authors, for all of their mutual support and encouragement. This year's class was a tight one.
We did it, guys!

And in other news, I'm going to Bizarro Con with my girlfriend!
Yes, Sarah and I will be going to this year's Bizarro Con. I'll read with my fellow New Bizarro Authors and I'll perform in the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown!
I did an Indiegogo, and I want to thank everyone who donated. Your perks will be sent out staring December, but the ones going to Bizarro Con will get theirs in hand!
And thanks to the authors who offered perks to help me get donations. You guys are the best!

See you in Portland! :))