Monday, December 21, 2015

Review copies!

Oh, hi. Didn't see you guys there.
How are you? How is your day? Just remember I love you, ok? You're as special as a Jeremy Shipp metaphor.
Now, here's the deal: I know you love me too. I remember the time you spent on your dad's old tool shed.
I'm sure you remember too.
So, in honor of those magical summer moments, I'm offering 5 review copies of my book BENJAMIN to the first five people who ask for it. PDF or Mobi, it's your choice!
All I ask is an honest review. Even if you hate it, a 1-star review would make me as happy as a 5-star one.
Well, not as happy, but every review helps.
So, who wants it? Just give me a heads up on Facebook or Goodreads, and the copy is yours!

Facebook page
Goodreads page

Thank you, I love you.

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