Tuesday, September 4, 2018

BOOK REVIEW - All Hail The House Gods (by Andrew J. Stone)

Political commentary is an established genre of fiction. From Greek satires to the 1984, fiction has been serving as a mean to talk about our society. And yes, this book about humans breeding to produce sacrifices for hungry house gods to eat is a political commentary.

Stone, like myself, is a Marxist, but here he's not aiming at right wing conservatives, but at so called liberals who are unwilling to face the consequences of capitalism, instead trying to, as the Brazilian saying goes, "cover up the Sun with a strainer". People looking for paliative solutions to problems so ingrained onto our lives that, so deeply rooted, that only violent revolution could begin to resolve.

That doesn't mean this book is boring or preachy, far from it. Stone's prose is air tight, delivering fast scenes that cut to the chase and beautifully construct this allegory. The ending is perfect, and although I've managed to guess it, it was still cleaverly written.


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