Wednesday, September 5, 2018

BOOK REVIEW - The Tick People (by Carlton Mellick III)

Some things never change. People still die, grape soda it's still amazing, and Carlton Mellick III still is the Bizarro king.

The Tick People is an erotic book, for sure. I agree with Doodle Carlton (at the end of his books, Mellick adds in a little comic strip) saying that this book is sexy. It sure is, if you like thinking about sex with disgusting, non human creatures.

And boy, how I do like it.

Carlton says that this project was one he used to get unstuck while working on a bigger book, just something to motivate him to push forward. Which proves that, even writing a "filler" Carlton manages to strike gold.

This is a tale of a man trying to be better at his job, wanting to continue the legacy of his father. It's almost a Greek tragedy, with the man being merely a pawn of Destiny. Even the concept of matchmates introduced in the book reflects that.

Also about matchmates: CMCIII is still the master of Bizarro worldbuilding. It's uncanny how he can transport you into whatever absurd reality he constructs, and you believe it because he makes you believe it. The reality of the city, built on the back of a giant dog is so sad, I actually teared up in the first pages.

So, as I've said, some things never change, and Carlton Mellick III delivering awesome, fun, entertaining Bizarro stories is one of those things.


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