Sunday, September 2, 2018

BOOK REVIEW - We Don't Talk About Her (by Andersen Prunty)

Prunty's nauseating story of obsession and overall horrible people is very effective. It's almost a moralist tale, without the actual morals.

Typical story: Boy meets girl, boy obsesses silently over girl, boy has no pants so wraps himself in toilet paper, boy keeps the corpse of his mother at home for fucking, girl has some dark secrets of her own, etc. It's a vile story, written in Prunty's signature style, which makes you want to read it all the way through in one sitting just so you know what will happen next.

This is not my favorite of Andersen Prunty's books, no. I thought it was a bit rushed at some points, which compromised the prose. But it's not a bad book, it's a solid entry in the prolific author's catalog. I prefer the weirder Prunty than the viler Prunty, but this book makes for a solid couple of hours of entertainment, and sometimes that's all that matters. One thing I found really cool was how the characters of "Mr. Stalky" and Stella mirrors themselves in the beginning, which each one of them trying to infer information about the other. While Stella does this in a more calculated manner, Clint (the eponymous "Mr. Stalky") does it in an almost childish way. I thought that set up the themes of each character perfectly.

So even in a more pure exploitation setting such as this, Prunty manages to inject it with his amazing writing style.


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